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Students visit local nonprofit organization photo

Students visit local nonprofit organization

Mr. Lee’s Business and Finance Class went on a field trip to Union Diversified Industries. Union Diversified Industries is a nonprofit business located in Monroe, NC. UDI is actually the oldest nonprofit organization in Union County.


Upon entering the business we were greeted by Director Mike Young. We began a tour exploring how UDI incorporates work with developmental skills for adults with developmental disabilities.


UDI receives contracts from local business for assembly of certain parts. UDI then pays adults with developmental disabilities a wage to work and assemble these parts. 

Student Angel Rivera said, “This is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. It makes them feel the same as everybody else in the world and teaches them to be independent.” 

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Students celebrate National French Week photo

Students celebrate National French Week

French students celebrated National French Week.  National French Week is a week-long celebration of all things French that takes place in schools and communities. Major themes of celebration include arts, crafts, cuisine, sports, games, traditions, music, and dance.  

On Wednesday French members sold bon-bons during all lunches. Bon-bons are french candies that are very popular among the students and staff at Weddington High.  

On Thursday, French students dressed up as traditional French people. Student broke out their striped shirts, scarves, and berets!  The AP French students dressed as famous French people from past and present.  The AP French students also gave a mini-monologue to identify who they were.

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