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Outstanding Graduation Rate Recognition  photo

Outstanding Graduation Rate Recognition

Weddington High School has been recognized by the state of North Carolina as having one of the top two highest graduation rates with a cohort size of 300-399. The graduation rate for the 2013-2014 school year was 99.1%.

The school has received outstanding graduation rate recognition for the past seven consecutive years. Weddington High School would like to thank our stakeholders and community for helping us earn this distinction.

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Warriors welcome exchange student photo

Warriors welcome exchange student

Meet Tiffany Ribiero!  She is an exchange student from Brazil who recently sat down with WHS Senior Libby Gutt to talk about her life in Brazil, being so far from home, and her experiences as a new member of the Green Machine. 

Tiffany is from a small city in the state of Sao Paulo called Presidente Prudente. Her favorite place in Brazil is Rio de Janeiro.  Tiffany has family there and just loves the city.

Libby and Tiffany talked about school and the differences she has experienced here in America compared to Brazil.  Tiffany said in Brazil students do not get to choose their classes.  Also, classes last the entire year instead of a semester like at WHS.  

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